Alveolar Gas Equation - PAO2

Alveolar Gas Equation - PAO2

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Alveolar Gas Equation: PAO2 = ( FiO2 * (Patm – PH2O)) – (PaCO2 / RQ).


Mild hypoxemia: PAO2 equals 60-79 Moderate Hypoxemia: PAO2 equals 40-59 Severe Hypoxemia: PAO2 less than 40


Alveolar Gas Equation is used to calculate the partial pressure of oxygen in the alveoli. PAO2: Alveolar partial pressure of oxygen in mmHg. Patm: Barometric pressure in mmHg. PH2O: Water vapour pressure, 47 mmHg saturated at 37C. FiO2: Inspired oxygen in percent. PaCO2: Arterial Carbon Dioxide tension in mmHg. RQ: Respiratroy exchange ratio.

How to Calcualte Alveolar Gas Equation


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